Notice all the crazy, lawless crap the Trump supporters are pulling this weekend.

They are stopping traffic on major highways.

They basically kidnapped the Biden campaign bus in Texas.

They are prowling around ballot boxes, post offices, and polling places with rifles.

Police in North Carolina have maced people marching to a voting place.

You must notice these things.

Notice that Orange Caligula is falsely calling into question all of the established rules regarding ballot counting and certification of the results.

Notice, too, the number of elected Republican officials who are telling the intimidating goons and the deranged President to knock it off and allow us to have a normal democratic election.

That number would be zero.

Never forget what you are noticing.

No Republicans, for anything, ever again.

Not Marco. Not Nikki. Not Ted. Not Mike. 

None. Ever again.


  1. I just pray every minute of every day that Lindsey Graham’s stopped clock moment of rightness was when he said “If we nominate Donald Trump the Republican Party will be destroyed and we will deserve it.” Ok, four years late, but still worth having.


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