No, he did not fire a gun

Kevin Peterson Jr. did not fire a gun at police officers, as the Clark County sheriff said he did right after deputies killed him on October 29. So the investigators now say.

And finally, we get the names of the men who killed Peterson. That took 12 days.

Investigators also said they had completed interviews with the three officers who fired on Peterson and have released their names.

They are: Detective Jeremy Brown, 46, a 14-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office, Detective Robert Anderson, 42, a 13-year veteran of the agency, and Deputy Jonathan Feller, 46, with the Sheriff’s Office 2 1/2 years and another 14 years of police work in South Dakota.

The original police story was false, then. A false story told under oath in court, by the way, to get a warrant. But Peterson pointed a gun at them, they say now. Honest, he did.

Olivia Selto, Peterson’s partner, said she was on the phone with Peterson in the moments before he was shot.

“They just keep changing their story,” she said Tuesday in a message to The Oregonian/OregonLive. “Even their story now doesn’t add up to what I heard on the phone.”

So he was holding a phone in one hand and pointing a gun with the other? Now you start to wonder whether he showed a gun at all.

From what the investigators are saying, it appears Peterson was not in fact being chased by the narcs who confronted him in the Quality Inn parking lot. When he ran into the deputies coming the other way, he apparently turned around and started running back north (to the left in this photo) toward other "containment units" of cops.

I would love to hear what the witnesses actually said. Peterson's family has a lawyer. Maybe we'll get to hear it some day.


  1. One thing about the story that hasn't changed: I don't believe a word of it.


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