Night Walk

I hope I’m still here

When this street comes back to life

So busy that you bump into a stranger

Because neither of you was looking out

The bus will be crowded

You might have to stand a while

But you can hold onto the handrail

Thinking nothing of it

Little bells will ring again

As storefront doors open and close

And shoppers inside linger

Just looking

These chairs will be upright 

This room warm and steamy

With sweet kitchen smells

Breathe them in and order another

To sit together a while longer and talk

Face to face, elbow to elbow

At night the going-out clothes

The ones that sat in the closets so long

Will show their colors to these stop lights

That are shining and blinking for no one

Out of the doors of these moldy bars

Noise will roar again

Singing, laughing, shouting

Sounds of abandon

Of hugging, kissing, back-slapping

When the night is over 

Walk in a merry pack on this wet sidewalk 

Past drummers rolling out their gear

And bartenders counting their tips

“See you tomorrow”

With ringing ears and tired eyes

Take the show home in your heart

And think about what that person said

Standing so close

I hope I’m still here

When this street comes back to life

But if not, know that I bless it

And everyone on it when it does