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If you have not yet discovered the Leuterers News Service, do yourself a favor and bookmark it now. Hard-hitting coverage, yet surprisingly, within all applicable concussion protocols.


  1. "Yes, I am aware that I look like Jerry Garcia. Now do you have a question?"

  2. "I was so ugly my parents had to hang a pork chop around my neck to get the dog to play with me." ---Rodney Dangerfield

    Leuterers News Service: "I’m so ugly I have to wear a bacon necklace just to get my dog Sparky to sit on my lap."

    That's quite a coincidence.

  3. If you need something to worry about besides the virus, it might be what happens these next few weeks in Iran. There are numerous signs that we'll finally give Netanyahu what he wants and get embroiled in yet another Middle Eastern war. Trump is the wild card here and that's a scary thought. But how did we get here?

    Back in 1953 our beloved CIA overthrow a democratically elected government in Iran so they could reinstall the Shah. One reason was that Iran was valuable before the age of satellites because you could listen to the Soviet Union from there. At any rate, we wanted our guy in charge and we were willing to fuck the Iranian People over to get this. We then took an active rule in the Shah's brutal regime, helping to train the Savak - the Shah's dreaded secret police. The end result was a burning Iranian hatred of the United States. No, they didn't hate us for our freedom or any of the other narratives you hear. They hated us because we fucked them over. It was justified.

    By 1979 the Iranian People had enough and the blowback came in the form of Islamic fundamentalists led by the Ayatollahs and we've been dealing with them ever since.

    It really is stunning how many of these interventionist regime changes by the CIA blow up on us but this was one of the worst. We took a relatively friendly democratic nation and turned it into a theocracy that hates our guts. Somewhere I have pictures of my mother and sister walking outside the US Embassy in Tehran back in the day as safe as can be, but thanks to our CIA we now have an eternal enemy.

    Meanwhile, Netanyahu has been trying for years to give us a new Iraq. That was one of the great things about Obama - he hated Netanyaho so we didn't have to worry about being drawn into another war. Trump has held out but there are signs he wants to end his term with a bang. God help the world if that happens.

    So summing up the CIA fucked Iran in the 1950s and nearly three quarters of a century later, we're still paying for it. Happy Holidays.

    1. Well, other than leaving out the critical role of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company and the British government in the whole scheme, that's a nice succinct description of how we initially shot ourselves in the foot. Oil had something to do with it. Of course, we've since doubled down and shot ourselves in the other foot, and, just for funsies, we shot ourselves in the hand, too. WTF ever happened to the sage advice about never involving oneself in a land war in Asia? Yes, the Iranians have every right to hate our guts. Happy holidays back at you.


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