New Covid restrictions coming

As readers here know, all of the Covid-related numbers in Oregon are spiking. More than 1,100 new cases were reported yesterday alone. There are about 340 people in hospitals with the virus across the state, with more than 70 in intensive care units. And with the new-case numbers through the roof, many more hospitalizations are likely on the way. 

Hospital capacity is a finite resource.

The governor, Kate Brown, has a press conference called for today to announce new measures to flatten the curve once again. I don't care what Justice Alito thinks, I hope Brown clamps things down tight, and that there's some real enforcement. 

It will be a several months before we get an adult response from the federal government. It is up to the states to do the right thing. Oregon actually did the right thing, up until around Labor Day, but now people are getting way too casual. It hurts economically, but locking things down again would save lives.