New Blazer

There's a new Trail Blazer this morning. He is Robert Covington, a defensive specialist small forward coming over in a trade from Houston. The Blazers are saying goodbye to Trevor Ariza and a couple of first-round draft picks.

Covington has played for the Sixers and the T'wolves as well as for the Rockets. He served as the "center" for the unorthodox "small ball" Rockets in the NBA "bubble" season recently concluded. He averaged 8 rebounds and 2 blocks per game in that abbreviated season. He scored 11.6 points per game, which is what he has delivered consistently throughout his playing time in the NBA. He is listed as 6 feet 7 inches tall. He will turn 30 years old next month.

Ariza, who has bounced around the league quite a bit, was only in Portland for a cup of coffee. He was traded here from Sacramento in January, playing in 21 games. He did not play in the "bubble." His averages as a Blazer were 11 points, 4 rebounds, and 0.4 blocks per game. At 35 years old, this is his third time being traded to Houston.

I guess pro basketball will be resuming just before Christmas. No more bubble, they're going to play to empty arenas around the country, sort of like what's going on in football, only indoors. It's hard to see the basketball version working out without major problems, but they're apparently going to give it a go. The league and the union still have a lot to work out.

And when they do, the Blazers will have a new guy with serious skills.