Nearing retirement

 A reader writes:

I’ve been sticking pins in this guy for some time but last night I got carried away used up every one I had in the house! 

I’ve decided I’m going to put the doll in a cupboard and leave all the pins in till Jan 20, 2021. Then after Joe and Kamala are sworn in I will remove the pins and burn up the doll in a very hot fire with plenty of sage to cleanse the fireplace! 

And then I will indulge in some very excellent Scorch we have... or maybe some good champagne...

Happy Holidays!


  1. You'll indulge in some very excellent "Scorch"? It sounds like you might have scorched your brain with alcohol already. I'm doing it another way. I quit drinking when Ronald Reagan won a second term so every presidential election becomes another 4-year milepost of sobriety for me. The next one will be 40 years but my odds of living that long are not good. Plus, I still have to worry about my fellow boomers who've been drinking enthusiasts all their lives. We are at the age where the damage is extensive and the booze really takes its toll. I saw this happen with my own father and it was devastating. It's never too late to quit, Jack, and one of the biggest emotions you'll face is regret. Regret that you didn't do it a long time ago. You think you've been sticking pins into a voodoo doll of the Orange Caligula, but you've actually been sticking pins into your own brain.

  2. Cool. I made one of those, too. Sticking in the pins feels really good.

  3. I see now this was a reader who wrote this. I apologize for the mistake. The doll creeped me out.


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