More Hoover hooey

I just came across this beauty, which was released shortly before the election. Stanford can have these birds. But no one who calls themselves a progressive should give that university a dime until they're shown the campus gate.


  1. What do you expect? The director of the Hoover Institute is Condi Rice and that's still the most embarrassing thing about the place. Condi was complicit in the Bush administration's selling of the Iraq War.

    I just thought of her this morning. I was up watching TV at around 7:30 and they did the promos for the CNN Sunday Show and Meet the Press. Both shows assured their viewers that any challenge to the official story about the election was just plain "dangerous."

    Ahh, the memories. It seems like just yesterday Bush and Cheney were saying Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and we simply had to invade his country, and kill a few hundred thousand of them to prevent a nuclear attack. They also stated Iraq was behind 9/11 so the country deserved what would be called Shock and Awe. Oh, and if you disagreed you were a terrorist-appeasing traitor.

    Condi had already distinguished herself as a bullshit artist when she said no one could have imagined that terrorists would attack the Pentagon with a plane. Meanwhile the Department of Defense had recently done a huge exercise to get ready in case terrorists attacked the Pentagon with a plane.

    But then she dropped her masterpiece: We didn't want the first proof that Saddam had nuclear weapons to be a mushroom cloud. It was the same general drill as the TV promos this morning: Believe us because if you don't you will be unsafe.

    As history has noted Bush and Cheney were lying. It wasn't a mistake or bad intelligence. They took the blood lust from 9/11 and redirected it. They deliberately lied us into the Iraq war and we're still there.

    Now, I'm not saying Condi Rice shouldn't be running the Hoover Institute for Stanford. By now Condi, Bush and Cheney would have been through their prison terms and could apply to do whatever they wanted.

    In closing I had a joke about this after a Congressional Committee found that - whoops - Iraq was not responsible for 9/11 after all. My joke was, "Thank God we found that out before we did anything crazy." The joke appeared in Time Magazine with its own engraving type drawing of Saddam and both were reprinted on the editorial page of the Oregonian.

    I had been right about Iraq so naturally the Portland Tribune ended my column. Meanwhile such neo-con lowlifes as Bill Kristol were wrong about every aspect of the war and for this Bill Kristol was given his own column in the New York Times.

    It was the last days of the 4th Estate and the beginning of the merger between government and the media - a merger that is still thriving as of this morning. "Believe us because if you don't it will be dangerous."

    I miss the United States already.


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