Mama's got a brand new bag

Sarah Iannarone, who tried but failed to unseat Portland mayor F. Ted Wheeler from the left, isn't giving up on local politics. To the contrary, she's formed a political action committee called Our Portland. She says the PAC is going to "advance the policies proposed during Sarah Iannarone's campaign for Portland Mayor and other community initiatives."

“We cannot accept tepid leadership and centrist incrementalism if we hope to stave off social and ecological collapse,” she said in a news release.

Will the PAC be fueling another run for office by Iannarone? It might depend on what she's running for. If she goes for City Council, she doesn't need PAC money. She can tap into the absurd city "open elections" slush fund, where scarce taxpayer dollars are spent on politicians' campaigns. The state secretary of state's website shows that Iannarone was quite the active participant in that program in the mayoral race. As of October 16, the city had forked over to her campaign the princely sum of $557,770.


  1. That's what I've been saying for's that darn centrist incrementalism that's screwing everything up.

  2. Of course she has a political action committee. Once you pay someone 500 large to be a politician, there's no going back.

    That brings up a matter I've been mulling over in these dark times. It's like a calling - a religious thing. See, I believe Jesus wants me to run for Mayor next time around. Look, I know I'm inexperienced and have a lot of catching up to do, but I feel this in my heart... so I better get started now. Is there any way you can cut me a check by the first?


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