Hollywood flingin'

The violent avengers of every societal wrong were out roaming the foggy streets of Portland again last night, breaking windows and spray painting profundity on walls. There were two groups. The first acted up downtown, hitting the Mexican consulate (that's a new one to me) and the brand new shiny county courthouse.

Just a short time later, another mob marched up and down Sandy Boulevard in the Hollywood District, doing damage to businesses. That one was ostensibly a "night of rage" in support of trans people.

The official police version of the night's festivities is here. From the way the cops depict it, it looks like the Chase bank branch (which had a cleaning crew inside at the time) was hit the hardest. The Whole Foods also took a big hit, I think.

The police arrested no one. As in, nadie. Great job, boys! The police chief did put out some stern tweets later, though. That'll help.

At least the groups are getting smaller and the incidents less frequent, but there's still way too much of the roving gang stuff going on in Portland. The taxpayers deserve better than what City Hall and the police brass are currently offering.


  1. So why wasn't anyone arrested? So when I got to court for a parking ticket do you actually think that I'm going to pay it ? I don't think so !! I'll be damn if these criminals are going to tear up my city and have no consequences,...yet I park my car where I can keep an eye on it and I get a ticket for parking in a loading zone ? Especially when we are shut down and it's dead down here with no business open for deliveries. Huh ?? I don't think so...why is ticketing parked cars an essential job during a shelter in place order with this pandemic going on ? Although it's ok to riot in the streets vandalizing cars businesses and other properties and looting and throwing deadly objects at law enforcement officers, barricading innocent people inside a building and setting it on fire and nothing even attempted to be done about it ?? WTF ?? Yeah let's get some people for parking violations whom are abiding by the law and trying to protect their personal property. This is ludachrist and absolutely not acceptable to me as a productive law abiding citizen of my community and it will be a cold day in hell before I pay one cent to the city for such a stupid thing !! Get your priorities straight Portland !! As a taxpayer I think its safe to say I speak for many thousands of Oregonians !! I don't pay my taxes to allow the city I live in to be ruined while I pay for it while you fine me for a parking violation . Good luck with that !!!

    1. Many "thousands"? Are you kidding? How about the "vast majority"?


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