Grateful not dead

My vast bar-hopping experience ended years ago, but back in the day, tonight was the busiest, wildest night of the year in the gin mills. Tonight, those joints will all be closed.

Tomorrow is usually a feast for 15 or 20. This year, it will be just the four of us.

But this is no time to complain about what we don't have. It's supposed to be the opposite.

And so even if you're sick of the isolation, take the next day or two to appreciate peace and quiet like you've never seen. As for those you can't be with, be thankful that you can hear them and see them on that gadget in your pocket. Use it.

If you would normally spend tonight on the town, put on some music and turn it up. If you're still alive and kicking, you've been dealt a pretty good hand. It's okay to dance a little.

And there are better days ahead! Give thanks for hope.


  1. Oh no. First that float went by and now the Rockettes have an outbreak.


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