From Matt Wuerker

Via Politico, used with permission. 


  1. I'm loving the way the Dems are saying, "How can you call it election fraud with no evidence?" Meanwhile, they accepted a Get Smart plot run by John Brennan, James Clapper and James Comey 4 years ago based simply on being told it was happening.

    Then they demanded to know why the next administration was contacting foreigners before they were sworn in. You know, the exact same thing that Biden and his people are doing now.

    But the capper was the Obama meeting where it was suggested that they go after General Flynn for violations of the Logan Act because he was talking to these foreigners before he was officially in power. You know...getting a jump on things - exactly what he should be doing.

    It was stupid 4 years ago but fortunately it looks like we've gotten over it and moved on. Meanwhile the Dems slithered away from their mess without so much as a flush, and now they're lecturing everyone once again on what the opposition is doing wrong. The Russian collusion thing was reckless, and stupid. Brennan knew it was Hillary's idea and wrote that to Obama in his own hand. It didn't have to happen.

    And wait, there's one more thing: The Obama official who suggested using the Logan Act on General Flynn - for trying to prepare to run the United States -was none other than.....Joe Biden. Gee, swampy enough for you?

    But the really aggravating thing about all this was that we are now in a pandemic and life may never really be the same again, right? How tragic does it look that we spent 3 of our last good years playing Maxwell Smart with Robert Mueller and company? What a fuckin' waste.


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