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  1. Not only is Trump still there but he's talking about running again in 2024. Yikes.

    Just a little note to tidy up something I wrote back on November 6th. Here it is:

    "Do you know what happened in Georgia? A water main broke where they keep the ballots. Darn the luck. In fact, it was in the room where the absentee ballots were stored. I for one think it is terribly unfair that such a random occurrence would just happen to them at such a critical time and cast doubt on the count in Georgia. I guess it shows that even the most improbable things can come along when you least expect them. Thanks goodness it was the only improbable thing that happened this week. Otherwise people might begin to think this thing was rigged."

    Since then the burst water main story has been abandoned in favor of a little leak that was easily fixed and no one can find the work order for even that. Cynics are now suggesting the Georgia count was going by too quickly and Trump was in the lead. Something had to happen to stop the count before they ran out of votes so voila - we had a burst water main, only there was no burst water main - just burst credibility.

    When the counting resumed Biden started doing better and better until he passed Trump and the race was called. All because of a broken pipe that sounded like bullshit from the moment it hit the ground....and was.

    It's not unlike the shooting in Hazel Dell. Once the authorities announce a version of what happened - that the dead man shot at police - and that version turns out to be BS, it's hard to accept the rest of the details.

    Now normally this would be no big deal. Elections always contain some shenanigans, right? But in January there will be two Senate runoff races in Georgia. If they both go Democratic, then the tie in the Senate goes to Kamala Harris. So the Dems of Georgia could have participated in stealing the presidency with others, but now could steal the Senate all by itself. I get the feeling there are a few more water mains about to burst down there. Just a wild guess.

  2. Those darn statistics and the story they tell. I'm once more distressed at my fellow progressives' willingness to be spoon-fed a line of hype. In this case it's that there is absolutely no proof that the election was rigged.

    My favorite story in all this was from what's left of the NYTimes whose reporters called election officials in every state who assured them that everything had gone great. Well, that's good enough for me!

    Meanwhile any real numbers guy (or gal) should be going, "Hmmm." We all know Pennsylvania's mail-in ballots overcame a big Trump lead to give the state to Biden right? If you look county to county outside of Philadelphia Trump won by 80% on down. He did very well outside of Philadelphia which is how he got the massive 700,000 vote lead on election night.

    But then those mail-in ballots came into play. No number of outstanding votes to count was ever released until it was over and they announced 2.5 million had come in. But here's the giveaway in the mail-in ballot numbers that Jack ironically referred to as the clincher to show Trump would lose:

    In each of these counties the mail-in ballots just so happened to be right around 40% of what Trump won there. If he won 80% he dropped to 40%. If he won by 60% he dropped to 20% in the mail in. These numbers came from the Gateway Pundit and they have a chart showing every county and the percentages are right around 40% on every one.

    That is beyond unlikely. That looks more like a sweeping decision to make the mail-in ballots come out ahead for Biden. "We don't have a lot of time here. What would it take to get Biden the lead?" "Well we'd need the mail-in ballots in each county to help by X %." And they did almost uniformly across the board.

    It was statistically what is called a red flag. Also known as a clue. The fact that progressives don't see it means they're the same people who believed with all their hearts and souls that Trump was a secret Russian agent working directly for Putin - an idea that was abandoned after 3 years of unrelenting bullshit.

    One clue that your theory is bad is if it sounds like an episode of "Get Smart." But you know what? Progressives were willing to override their own brains and embrace it because they wanted it to be true. They needed Trump to be illegitimate - installed by those darn Russians - and now they need Biden to have won so it's "brain off and emotional overreaction on." It's happening again. I thought my people were smarter than that.


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