Do we want Melo back?

Heck, I sure would like to see it. I was extremely leery of him, but he turned out to be a great contributor in the bubble. The one and only Dwight talks about the Blazers' next personnel moves here.


  1. I read Dwight's take and I'd pump the brakes on Robin Lopez returning. As a fan I've noticed when a beloved player returns, the fan base expects the old version of the player and the team but it seldom works out that way. The Philadelphia Eagles are going through a similar thing with DeSean Jackson.

    One thing I just heard on the radio was that Wes Matthews is going to be a Laker. I always like it when favorite Blazer players go on to get a ring and now that could happen for Wes. Remember when Clyde the Glide left and ended up a champion in Houston? And how cool was it that he was back playing with Akheem? Their college team still has the best nickname in hoops history: Phi Slama Jama.

    It's also somewhat encouraging for Klay Thompson that Wes is still in the league after that same Achilles injury, although I doubt Klay is encouraged by anything right now. At least he signed a big contract before this. Holding out for more money can really turn bad with these injuries. Ask Dak Prescott.


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