Disowning Dad and Uncle Dan

Here's an instant classic. The extreme lefties of Portland, upset that their candidates were trounced in the recent City Council elections, are going to start a recall campaign against Mayor F. Ted Wheeler and his clone, Commissioner Dan Ryan. They have to wait until July 1 to start collecting signatures against Wheeler, but only until around March 10 to start collecting against Ryan.

They'll need around 36,000 valid signatures on their recall petitions. Then we can all vote not to recall these guys. 

Yes, it's childish, but in a way, it might be good. It might keep some of the dissidents too busy to show up at these gentlemen's homes late at night and break their windows.


  1. I emailed Alan Kessler earlier today chiding him for using the recall process as balm to his chapped electoral feelings.

    1. He replied back to me very courteously, explaining his reasoning, which I disagree with. It's been a crap year, and some dust should settle on an election before revisiting the whole thing over again. I doubt many voters will have the stomach for more campaigning.


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