Crash and burn

I don't keep up with the doings out in Clackistan as much as I used to, but I notice that in Oregon City, they held a special election yesterday, just a week after the blockbuster Presidential election, to recall the mayor, Dan Holladay.

And recall them they did. It wasn't close.

Why did they want to get rid of the guy? Apparently he was big on pooh-poohing the coronavirus. In April, he urged businesses to defy the governor's shutdown order and reopen. Then he loudly downplayed the problems of racial injustice and police brutality. Then he tried to use rioting in Portland as an excuse to hold a Fourth of July fireworks party.

There was more, but we can stop there. The folks down there had had enough. And so another embarrassing Oregon Republican is shown the door.

Maybe things are changing in Clackistan. Remind me to look into it.