Can Biden still win Pennsylvania?

Different news organizations are at different stages of calling states in the Presidential election, but it seems to me there's no chance of Biden winning if he doesn't carry Pennsylvania. And the latest official numbers have him down 657,192 votes in that state (or commonwealth or whatever the heck it is) at the end of Election Night. To me, that sounds like an insurmountable deficit. 

But possibly not.

They say about 70 percent of the votes in the state have been counted, but there are still a lot of ballots around Philadelphia that haven't been. So can Joe still make up the 657,192?

According to the state, the latest figures show that there are 1,435,289 mail ballots yet to be processed. Assuming they all were validly cast for either Trump or Biden, Biden could make up his deficit by getting 1,046,241 of them. That would be 72.89 percent of the mail ballots. Trump would get the other 389,048, and Biden would be ahead by 1 vote.

So far, the mail ballots counted statewide have broken 77.70 percent for Biden, so it's possible.

Then the uphill battles in Michigan and Wisconsin could be considered. But if Trump takes Pennsylvania, I'm pretty sure it's over.

To me, it still looks bad. I fervently hope that I'm surprised.


  1. I'm intrigued by the karmic possibilities of Arizona going to Biden. We didn't agree on much as a country the last few years but one thing most everyone agreed on was that Trump was way out of line saying John McCain wasn't a war hero because heroes don't get captured. Frankly, I thought Trump's political career was over right then. So here comes 2020 and Trump could really use a win in Arizona. And the place has a red state vibe to it, right? Barry Goldwater was from there for Christ sake. But it appears that the ghost of John McCain - along with his widow campaigning for Biden - have knocked Arizona into the blue column. And that's only right. Karma is a powerful thing.


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