Bleak Covid numbers in Portland and Oregon

Folks, amidst everything else you're stressing about today, please don't forget what's happening with the coronavirus pandemic. Even here in Oregon, where people have been pretty careful (and lucky) up until recently, the current statistics are frightening.

To me, the most meaningful numbers are hospitalizations and intensive care unit patients, and Oregon is seeing those really spike upwards. In fact, the number of ICU patients with suspected or confirmed Covid in the state was 74 yesterday. That is higher than it's been since April 23, which was early on in this ordeal. 

Statewide Covid hospitalizations yesterday stood at 234, the worst since July 29.

And the new-case numbers are off the charts. Here are the three Oregon counties in the Portland metro:

You can dismiss some of that due to increased testing, but the ICU number doesn't lie. And it's bad. 

And yet we play football, we hold campaign rallies, we crowd together at protests. It's a dangerous business. Please be careful.