There's an extremely bright person whose Twitter account plays the role of racism watchdog. When someone lets out a racist dog whistle, the watchdog tweets out barks. Sometimes there are only a few barks, other times a dozen or more, depending on the level of outrage.

I couldn't help but think of that account when I read this story about the counties that want to secede from Oregon and join Idaho.

“It's a movement to try to maintain our rural values,” said spokesman Mike McCarter, a 73-year-old retired plant nursery worker and firearms instructor from La Pine (population 1,900) in Central Oregon.

"Rural values," eh?  BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK. 


  1. To be fair the racism watchdog looks more like a yellow lab than this dog. This dog above looks like the dogs they used on black people in the 60s in Alabama. That would make it a symbol of racism instead of a racism watchdog so don't be surprised if a yellow lab shows up and starts barking at you. As long as we're judging each other for hidden racist tendencies you can't be too careful.


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