A little warmup riot

The angry lefties were at it again last night in downtown Portland. They started at Director's Park, which is so boarded up they couldn't break anything, and marched down to the Portland State campus, where they found some un-boarded-up windows and smashed them. Not just at the campus safety office, either. The student union and Cramer Hall got it, too,

And they always go for the Starbucks. That company should issue frequent vandal cards to the demonstrators, where after you break your ninth window, Starbucks breaks the next one for you.

The cops say the protesters also poured some kind of flammable liquid on the floor of the place, as if they were going to torch it. The authorities got there before any fire was lit.

Two protesters were arrested.

Interestingly, the "unified command" was back. This is the state police and the county sheriff, collaborating with Portland police. They've reassembled the whole crew, mostly so they can use tear gas, I think. The Portland City Council doesn't allow city cops to use that stuff any more. It wasn't needed last night. When the cops showed up, the crowd split up.

And so the official police version is on the sheriff's website, here.

Now that the warmups are completed, we'll see what happens tonight. If Trump wins, I'm afraid little will be left of downtown Portland. But it could also be pretty bad just because Wheeler gets re-elected (if that happens).

Covid probably makes this situation worse. Were it not for the plague, there would be a lot of normal people downtown tonight attending parties thrown by the campaigns. That would have put at least a slight damper on any potential for violence. But I guess all the parties are virtual this time around. The only thing in-person is the rage.


  1. So they were about to light a flammable liquid in a ground floor business with 300 apartments overhead? If that's true it's seriously evil. But don't worry, Mayor Wheeler is on the case. He's going to give them a stern talking to. He's going to tell them that he's thrilled that they're expressing their right to protest, but the whole mass murder/ arson thing is not cool.


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