What the sheriff didn't say

The police who killed Kevin Peterson in Hazel Dell, Washington last night have put out their version. It's a brief statement, and no questions were taken.

There was a narcotics investigation.

He fired a gun at police.

The police found the gun.

It's profoundly sad that many people's initial instincts will be to doubt that this version is true. Witnesses said Peterson had his hands in his pockets and was looking scared when the cops came roaring in.

It's noteworthy what the sheriff didn't say. No mention of Peterson's having a record. No mention of his being on drugs at the time. No mention of his having drugs on him when he was killed. The cops are always quick to point those things out about a victim of police murder. And so you have to assume that he has no record, wasn't on drugs, and wasn't holding drugs.

They took his car right away. They left his body on the ground for 12 hours. There was no mention of anything being found in the car.

There's a "vigil" planned up there tonight, probably more like a protest. There will be a massive counter-protest. That area is headquarters for the heavily armed right-wing nuts.

The cops there are not set up for what goes on in Portland.

Friday night in America, we keep our fingers crossed.