Under the wire

Another batch of last-minute election porn showed up yesterday. The folks from this union local advised us on what to do on almost all of the ballot:

Interesting. All Democrats, naturally. In the local races, they're with me: Nolan, Wheeler, Ghandour. But they're in favor of the hideous Metro payroll tax. Yuck! The whole "jobs" thing, I guess. But they're construction jobs building toys, then gone. And a wage tax, forever. Plus, bus drivers get laid off for a lot fewer train engineers. Huh.

In the mailbox with it was a pitch for the parks bond:

We're feeling quite bonded out at this moment, and voted no.

I thought this was odd:

I get the Covid disclaimer; the people in the photos aren't wearing masks. But what's with the "public records" bit?  Are they using the kids' pictures without permission?


  1. I suspect the “from public records” thing is about whether the photo is available for free use or not (not under copyright by the photographer). Always a faux pas when you get sued for using intellectual property you didn’t pay for and I suspect this is an attempt to head that off by saying the photos are in the public domain and therefore free for the using.

  2. Maybe that's it. They're worried about being sued by somebody, that's for sure.


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