Trump should resign, for health reasons

He knows he can't win the election.

He knows that it will probably be so obvious that he can't steal it.

He can't ever admit to being a loser.

So here's a way out.

His hospital stay gets extended, and he resigns on Monday.

So he never loses the election – he had to withdraw for health reasons. It's all China's fault.

Pence pardons all the federal crimes, and so all that's left to worry about is New York.

And the Russian gangsters he owes all the money to.


  1. This has been a typical journey into human repression. Human beings get into a lot of trouble when they're having feelings they can't handle so they try and lie to themselves. Jimmy Swaggert was pretending to be a holy man but he had cravings of the flesh he didn't want to face. Next thing you know he's hiring a hooker. We all know men who go on and on about how much they love women and hate gays to the point of wanting to hurt them. Meanwhile it's like the reworked line from Macbeth: "Methinks thou doth protest too much." They're clearly struggling to deal with their own thoughts about themselves so they project out towards others to distract themselves from the truth. They're trying to convince themselves that they aren't who they really are. The human brain struggles with that kind of pressure.
    I'm fascinated by the degree of hatred for Trump. I've seen several references comparing him to Hitler and he's become the poster child for white supremacy. Both my parents served in France during World War 2 and I think it's downright disrespectful to them to put Trump on this level of villain. What exactly did he do that equates with the Holocaust? 75 to 80 million people perished in WW2. Does that compare with Trump saying mean things? I think they've built Trump into this mega-villain because they are having trouble dealing with racist thoughts in their own souls. The key would be to admit you view different races differently and then pledge to treat everyone the same. Instead they are fighting a losing battle to convince themselves that they see no difference in Black or Chinese or Jews or any other group. They are repressing their true feelings and trying to hide it by exclaiming how much they hate Trump every 10 minutes like it was some kind of North Korean loyalty pledge to the Identity Politics movement. They feel safe enough to express hatred for White people every now and then, but the rest of their racist thoughts are eating away at their souls. And the only way they think they can convince the world they are these wonderful people free of bias is to declare their hatred of Trump over and over. It's not working, people. You're just coming off as whack jobs. Let's be kind to each other and not hate each other, but be kind to yourself and don't spend your life trying to deny who you really are. It leads to the kind of trouble we see right now. Tear down the walls around your soul and admit the truth to yourself. It'll be okay. In fact we might save the world. Right now we are stuck in an Identity Politics mind fuck. We can't keep it real because it was never real in the first place.

    1. That's quite a straw-man argument. There is no doubt that Trump is a racist at his core, given his history with housing discrimination, foaming at the mouth to have the Central Park 5 executed, the "murderers and rapists" that keep the country's food supply going, etc. He is the champion of the white supremacist fucks that have added to their ranks as he goaded them on.

      But the reason I really loathe him is that he's a self-obsessed, amoral failure of a human being that has no inkling of any sense of duty or responsibility for the country he is ostensibly leading. He has filled the ranks of government with a spectacular collection of incompetents, ideologues, and grifters. Education, State, Interior, EPA and a slew of other agencies are functioning at reduced effectiveness, due to his failure to follow through on the nomination and confirmation process, because most of the shitbags he temporarily appoints can't be confirmed, and they and the scattered confirmed bureaucrats are actively undermining their agency's missions. The Post Office horse shit being just the most recent example. And the over-the-top politicization of Justice possibly the worst.

      Yes, he's a malignant, rotted husk of a man in whom racism is a strong driver. But he's so much more.

    2. Bill...for the love of God....2 carriage returns and a line feed.

    3. "2 carriage returns and a line feed"? Isn't that a song by Beck?

  2. Well you all know that the "so called" Corona Virus was thought up by the New World Order working in tandem with "The Rothchilds" and DEEP STATE Democrats, along with George Soros and Black Lives Matter and is actually a plot by "the liberals" to make us economic slaves to the New World Order, and then to get our guns. The Corona Virus isn't any worse than the flu, and President Trump isn't falling for all this "leftist" babble, Guess who imports all these masks that they are tryin' to git you to buy, yep, Obama! Two weeks? OUR PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP will be better in TWO DAYS with a few pulls of that Hydroxychloroquine (HI-DROX-Y-CLOR-OH-QUINE - rhymes with WINE), and a good nights' sleep with his good Christian wife Melania! IF OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP IS SICK it's likely all the fluoride that the Commies have been puttin' in our water for years! And when he is "up to snuff" again he will kick that heck out of the Bideneers - those baby-killing satanists who would stand in the way of Making America Great Again - and later they would turn the world into some welfare state ruled by people "whose love dare not speak its name!" Let's put THEM BACK into the closet along with the other liberals where we can keep a close eye on them and far away from our children. My wife? "Yes," my dog? "maybe," "my gun? "never!" AND I MEAN NEVER! "You'll have to pry my gun from my cold, dead hands!" And my wife's second cousin's hairdresser knows some of those illegals who did vote in the last election for HiIlary Clinton and then danced the Cucaracha on OUR American flag. Well the Dems want to increase our taxes to mollycoddle those welfare queens and pay 'em money to have more babies! Now many of us think of President Trump as a "man's man," but our womenfolk think of him as a "ladies' man, a self-made Christian man as honest as the day is long. Old enough to be wise but in great shape (playin' golf near every day) and courageous in every way. Remember folks, he doesn't need your pity, just your vote!

  3. Sorry, wrong site for my earlier comments. It was pre-loaded! Bill McDonald makes a good point, and I am sorry on some level that anybody would suffer from some hideous virus, particularly a man of 74 years of age whose health may be more fragile than that of others. Donald Trump lost a brother recently. So did I. And I don't think that anybody has a monopoly on compassion, not Republican or Democrat. Donald Trump has a 14 year old son, and ten grandchildren, and so he may matter to some people. As William Shakespeare wrote so many years ago, " “The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones.”

  4. Moving on gracefully, I actually feel like I can think again these last few days. With Trump indisposed America is definitely a much quieter place. Incidentally, the brilliant debate opening to SNL tonight touched on that subject with Jim Carrey killing it as Joe Biden. So here's another part from the end of Jack's post where he brings up Trump's personal debts. One thing that dawned on me tonight is that we're being a little naive about the Russian gangsters. Trump supposedly is in debt to them up to 900 million as I recall. But we've all seen Trump's shaky business habits, right? I mean who else has to pay a porn star to deny having sex with her? So let's look at what happened this year in Trump world. His administration just spent something like 3 trillion in 6 months of which billionaires were reported to have gotten 434 billion. That's right: His wealthy friends got 434 billion dollars richer. How hard would it be for Trump to direct an extra 900 million to a billionaire in exchange for making the Russian gangster debts disappear? Hell, throw in another 100 million as a tip. In short, I don't think the Russian gangster debts are an insurmountable problem. Not with this kind of money flowing around.


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