This is Francis

He doesn't want Trump people around him.

Be like Francis.


  1. John Cusack is another one. He will not speak to friends or family members unless they are "aggressively anti-Trump." Why stop there? If your son or daughter isn't anti-Trump enough disown them. Maybe that will pave the way to honor killings. Frankly as a progressive myself I find the whole thing incredibly embarrassing. This low functioning psychopath roams through our existence like Niburu traversing our solar system, and just by being near us everything goes haywire. We're left with a bunch of virtue signaling whack jobs who could have spent the last 4 years finding a candidate with a working brain, but they were too busy telling themselves how wonderful and noble they are for hating Trump. It's ridiculous. It's a religious ego trip.
    And we even have religious miracles. Like our recent 100 days of riots by the left wing that have now miraculously been turned to 100 days of right wing protests. Not just right wing nationalists, these are white supremacists! One awkward moment was when the head of the Proud Boys who happens to be African American/Latino came forward to ask what the F was going on. Meanwhile our Oregon leaders jumped right in to denounce the newly created 100 days of right wing white supremacist violence. They obviously don't care if the people they represent know it's bullshit because we lived through it. As long as they can go after Trump, it makes it true. It's a religious miracle I tell you.
    Maybe the Pope could tell us the Latin phrase for "Get over yourself."


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