They're loading him up

Despite the preposterous suggestion from a man in a white coat that Orange Caligula might be going home tomorrow, it doesn't seem likely. So far, we're told he's been given three pretty serious drugs: remdesivir (the anti-viral drug), REGN-COV2 (the "antibody cocktail"), and dexamethasone (the steroid). He's been on oxygen for a while, his oxygen levels have dropped at times, and his chest CT scan was not normal.

If he's so close to being better, why are they throwing every treatment in the book at him?

Unless the whole episode is a hoax, I think the rallies may be over. Maybe even the debates.


  1. Trump has abnormalities on his chest imaging studies. He has recently had high fevers.
    And they think he’s OK to go home tomorrow?
    Is he a febrile because he’s on antipyretics?
    Why add dexamethasone if he’s getting better?
    Mixed messages. Can’t be trusted.


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