There they go again

There are days when the people editing the New York Times make me want to tear my hair out. The front page of yesterday's Sunday edition was a example.

It was a slow news day, apparently, and so they could run features in the prime positions on the front page, at the top of the left and right columns. And they went with election stuff, for obvious reasons. It's nine days before Election Day, and in fact, for millions of American voters, the election is under way now, in the sense that they are already filling out their ballots.

So what did the Times run at this important moment?

In the right-hand column, which I think is the prime-est real estate in the whole paper, we got this:

In the left-hand column, they presented this:

For crying out loud, really? Normalizing Orange Caligula on the one hand, and muddying things up for the Democrats on the other?

The Times seems to feel that it's got to "both-sides" Trump, no matter how awful he gets. Yesterday was one of many examples from the past four years. 

This abominable administration has been a boon to the Times's bottom line. Some days it seems like they hate to see him go.


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  2. I have a confession to make: For years I had one of those damn guilty pleasures going. I'm going to own up to it it now before the Jacobin purity trials begin so I can beg for mercy later: I was a Don Imus fan. I thought he had the best pipes in the radio business and his semi-regular guests were great including George Carlin, Dick Gregory, and Dick Cavett. His musical guests included Delbert McClinton, Kinky Friedman, Vince Gill, Merle Haggard and many more you don't hear every day on the radio. There is no definition of racist that Don Imus didn't brush up against. He was clearly racially insensitive but I overlooked that for the entertainment. Sorry. He had a great take on events, and also presented conservatives and liberals in a different way. Did you know John McCain could be funny? Or Paul Begala? Or Tim Russert? Or Neil Cavuto? Even Mitt Romney was amusing and I'm a progressive who never votes Republican. I also used to get the New York Times home delivered until I got tired of the thud it made hitting the screen door. See? I'm a political mess and await my assignment to the nearest deprogramming camp with a certain amount of relief that it's finally over. One of the regular guests on Imus in the Morning was Donald Trump so I had a head start figuring him out. That allowed me to remain semi-calm these last few years unlike the many enraged leftists with their grotesque, religious outbursts like Kathy Griffin with the severed Trump head photo. Trump was entertaining on the show. Imus said he heard from listeners who felt he was the most entertaining guest they had. He had electric charisma although his hustler schtick meant that he was full of shit about everything related to Trump. Ask him about the Apprentice and he'd say the ratings were better than the final episode of Mash, Cheers and Seinfeld combined, and that was every week. Then when he had hung up, Lou the engineer would say something like, "I just checked the ratings and the Apprentice didn't even win its time slot this week." Then everyone would laugh. When President Trump said he had built the biggest and best economy in the history of the world, Imus fans knew it was bullshit. We had a trillion dollar deficit last year when the economy was supposed to be doing so great. Anyone who takes anything Trump says about his record as truthful just hasn't been paying attention. The problem is this translated into "Trump's got nothing." Well, I knew Trump had something in the area of life force, or electric charisma. The Dems have been paying for underestimating him ever since, including now with their candidate holed up in the basement until election day. WTF? I'm just grateful to the Don Imus show for hipping me to it way back when so I haven't turned into a crazy bastard over it like so many others have.


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