The shoe fits


  1. I love it when Baby Boomers equate our problems with those the Greatest Generation had to face. Sure, this programming screw-up is kind of funny but you often hear people say Trump really is another Hitler - that the shoe does fit. But let's not get crazy here. Hitler caused World War 2 with 50 to 70 million people perishing and Hitler killed 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. Are you saying Trump has caused a genocide? What are the two worst things Trump has done and I'll give you the haircut? No, calling Trump another Hitler is virtue signaling - a bunch of Boomers bragging about how tough we have it and how noble we are to endure this dictator. Frankly, it's disrespectful to the Greatest Generation and the Holocaust survivors. Plus it just sounds silly. It's why we have Godwin's Law. And hey, you've been living under Trump for 3 plus years, paying your taxes like good soldiers. Wouldn't that make us Nazis?

    1. No, actually it wouldn't. Trump is a megalomaniac who has used racism to wield enormous power that has killed many thousands of innocent people. That's close enough for me.

    2. No one equates Donnie 2 Scoops to the Hitler of the Holocaust — he’s not there yet, because resistance continues, and not all institutions have collapsed or been corrupted. But building up and knocking down your straw men (“are you saying he’s caused a genocide”) only shows how serious the situation is. Whether anyone “is Hitler” is sort of a meaningless question. But in post-Hitler, post-Stalin, post-Mao times, the question is whether people have absorbed the lesson that none of those three suddenly changed their stripes once in power; they were who they were all along, and made it quite clear what they intended to do if allowed.
      Good short video on the point:

    3. With George W. Bush the hundreds of thousands of dead are readily known. They're the people who died after we invaded Iraq. You'd also have to count the ones who will die from the thousands of tons of depleted uranium we left there - uranium with a half life of 4.5 billion years. When you consider that the war was based on a lie that would make some serious criminals out of Bush and Cheney. Of course, they got away with it and Cheney's bust is now on display in the Capitol rotunda. But who are these thousands of people who died because Trump is a racist? If he wielded enormous power that killed many thousands of innocent people and it was a racial matter, you should be able to tell me what race was involved. I follow the news. I have no idea who you are talking about.


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