The O goes for Wheeler and Mapps

The Oregonian today endorsed Ted Wheeler to remain as mayor of Portland, and Mingus Mapps to oust Chloe Eudaly from the City Council. What the newspaper types have to say is here and here.

That is where I am coming out as well. Neither candidate is great – I'm as pessimistic about the city government as ever – but both are better than their competition. Neither race is a close call.


  1. You ask me Mingus Mapps already deserves a statue outside city hall if we aren't still tearing statues down. He's the candidate who ended Sam Adams comeback (for now) and that's hero time in my world. Not to compare him to Trump but when this era is all over Trump will have been the candidate who ended both the Bush Dynasties and the Clintons. Anyone who can protect us from Jeb Bush and Bill and Hillary deserves a little gratitude. Oh, and if that comment makes you mad because you think the Bushes are wonderful or that Hillary was a wonderful public servant, then take some time and do the research. Ask yourself this: How do these career politicians end up with hundreds of millions of dollars?
    Now, I admit I haven't done my research on Mingus Mapps but I didn't say he deserves my vote. I just said he deserves a statue. For starters I'd like to know if he's named after Charles Mingus, the great jazz bass player. I saw him play one time and he did counterpoint on a standup bass. He was plucking a string with the same hand that was holding down the note, and then he did it with both hands and played counterpoint with himself...on a standup bass. He deserves a statue too.


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