Still puzzlin'

The great Covid jigsaw puzzle series continues, with a nice 1,000-piecer just completed. It featured some cute kitties out in the garden shed:

This one had a letter on the back of each piece – A through H, I think it was. I believe the letters corresponded to sections of the puzzle, so you could do it in segments.

No way! That would be cheating.

When we got to the end, a piece was missing. Thinking this might be fate's way of making up the extra piece we found in a previous set, I gave up looking for it after hunting around the room several times. Turns out, it was under the 99.9-percent-completed puzzle somewhere. The Mrs. came up with it. But she let me put that final piece into place. Ta da!

If there's ever a documentary on my life, this is the part where the music will change and the narrator will  say, "But there were signs of trouble with his mental state."

Who cares? On to the next one.