Reader poll: Which was more psycho?


  1. Bill McDonaldOctober 5, 2020 at 10:15 AM
    My last comment had a lot of room for improvement. Here's the dreaded rewrite:
    The Covid joy ride and the Bible Hoist were calculated moves by a classic sociopath. The word "psychopath" is also used interchangeably depending on whether it's a clinical definition or just talk. To me the fascinating part of the last few days was when Trump was in the white shirt at the conference table talking about being sick. I'm sure some of the details were incorrect but it's probably the only time in months - even years - when he spoke genuinely from the soul. See, sociopaths don't have empathy or remorse for others. They don't connect with others. That's why I don't consider him a racist. He's in a race of one: The Donald Trump race. When these people talk about love or their feelings for others it's almost always learned behavior. That's why I think of Trump as a low functioning sociopath: Simply put: He's not smart enough to portray a nice guy. That could be why he gets so much hate from people: he's not able to hide what he is. Some of our slicker recent presidents were much better at conveying this wonderful guy image even though I believe they were every bit the sociopath that Trump is. How else can you kill children with a drone and not let it bother you?
    So why was the video so significant? The only time a sociopath really feels emotional pain is when he or she is in trouble. That's when you hear the genuine emotions - when the pain is personal. O.J. didn't appear all distraught about killing Nicole and Ron - he went to the funeral and talked with Nicole's mother. It was only when he discovered he wasn't going to be able to charm his way out of this, and that they were going to arrest him that the wailing started. That's when he wanted to kill himself in AC's Bronco because he was now in trouble. Sociopaths only really respond genuinely when it's about them. The rest is an act - learned behavior. That's why the Trump video in the white shirt was so fascinating - for once you got to see what he'd sound like if he was a complete human with the full compliment of human emotions.


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