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Somebody's tried to compile a complete list of all the outrages emanating from Orange Caligula since the start of his 2016 campaign (and a few before). Lest we forget, it's here.

I long for the day when we won't care about most of this any more. But his awful judges will be here for decades after many of us are gone.


  1. God grant us Biden and the Senate, first thing that should happen is that the Supreme Court goes to 13 seats (one for each circuit, as was the case when it was set to 9) and the federal courts are expanded at least 20% just to keep even with the increase in population, and the Dems fill ALL those seats with young civil right attorneys, defense attorneys, anti-trust experts, and pro-consumer attorneys, just to balance the hundreds of young federalist drones being installed, many of whom have never seen a courtroom except on TV before their appointment.


  2. Great, I'm finally able to use my analogy for what
    happened in 2016. It reminded me of when a bunch of college kids are
    deciding what to do on Saturday night but they only have one car. We
    could say their school was the electoral college but that would be
    too corny even for me. Anyway a couple of the students want to go to
    the club, several of them want to go to the movies and a couple want
    to go eat pizza. The final vote has them going to the club at which
    point the ones who wanted pizza say, "Okay, if that's what you've
    decided, we'll go along and make the best of it. We will try to make it
    work. It's in our interests too because, after all, we are all
    hoping to have a good time here." But the other people - the ones who
    wanted to go to the movies - announce from the moment the vote is
    taken that they will still go along in the car but they are going to
    be as obnoxious about it as possible. I mean they are going to whine
    and bitch and fight it for all they're worth every moment until
    nobody has any fun. They are going to act like they've been wronged
    and destroy everybody's Saturday night. So they go into next-level
    entitled-brat mode and act like a bunch of embarrassing children
    throwing a tantrum.
    That's what the Dems did after 2016. And of course,
    nothing was ever their fault. Hillary didn't get outworked by Trump
    during the campaign - hell no. The Russians fucked it up for her. Do
    you know how many times Trump visited Wisconsin before Election Day?
    6 times. Okay, how many did Hillary go? Zero times. Hillary didn't
    bother going there once. She got outworked. Let's hope if the Dems
    don't get their way again this November that they will approach
    things with a better attitude. It was disgraceful - starting from
    during the campaign and certainly by Inauguration Day, the Dems threw
    every possible road block up. They recklessly engaged with a nuclear
    superpower in ways that could have ignited a cold or even hot war.
    Ultimately they risked our extinction with a nuclear conflagration,
    all for their butt-hurt attitudes. And when it finally collapsed,
    nobody said, "Gee, we're sorry to have wasted three years of your
    life." No, they went right on to the next scheme. They called the
    President a Russian secret agent and said that his children were
    traitors from DAY ONE and then later marveled that the mood was so
    divisive in America. The only one I heard say we should give Trump a
    chance was Dave Chappelle who happened to be hosting SNL at the time.
    We had a vested interest in how America did and yet we ignored that
    to give Trump as hard a time as possible. Oh, and don't kid yourself,
    it started long before he did anything in office. Putting it simply, it
    wasn't fair and I think the American People sense that.


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