Pouring it on

The Portland protesters continue their political assault on the mayor. Now you can get hot sauce making fun of the guy.

Read all about it here.

I'm still holding my nose and voting for him.


  1. "I Wish They Would Riot" (sung to the tune of "I Wish It Would Rain")

    Sunshine, blue skies, no tear gas clouds today
    And the voters have turned surly and they've gone away
    With them went my future, my life is filled with gloom
    So day after day I stay in lock-down in my room
    I know to you, it might sound strange
    But I wish they would riot again, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    'Cause so badly I wanna go outside (such a lovely day)
    But everyone knows that a man ain't supposed to cry
    Listen, I gotta cry 'cause crying eases the pain, oh yeah
    People this hurt I feel inside
    Words could never explain,
    I just wish they would riot, until the tear gas burns deep in my brain, ooo baby
    Let them riot again and again and again

    Day in day out my eyes search for charging cops
    My tear-stained face pressed against the window pane
    'Cause tear gas from a riot will hide my tear drops
    And no one will ever know that I'm crying like a child
    Crying when I go outside

    To the world outside my tears
    I refuse to explain, oh, I wish they would riot again, ooh, baby
    From Burnside to Downtown and onto the Northside,
    I need some military-grade tear gas to disguise the tears in my eyes
    So let them riot, let the cops take on the crowd
    Oh yeah, yeah, listen

    I'm a man and I got my pride
    So let them riot, let the flash bombs fire off loud.
    'Til they riot I'm gonna stay inside, 'til I see a tear gas cloud.


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