No static at all

Yesterday my cassette project had me dusting off an old blues show by Tom Wendt on KBOO Radio. It was a great show. I think Tom might still be doing them.

I was a volunteer at KBOO for a few years. I did a few different things, worked with some wonderful people, enjoyed being part of that community.

While listening to the Wendt tape, I started prowling around on the internet to see what there might be about those days at the station, and I came across this photo, which must be from 1985 or so. I had never seen it before.

I was not a bigwig at the station. They must have asked whoever was working at the moment to come out front for a photo. I'm not even sure we're at the station – maybe we're in front of a banner at the Blues Festival. Anyway, can you spot me?


  1. Except for your last name, I would think you were an Irish relative, Standing there under the M

    1. I'm half Irish (a quarter on either side), quarter Polish, quarter Hungarian.

    2. Pass the potatoes and the pierogi's please...........


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