Let's hope it's an omen

The cheating orange team lost. The blue team from Florida won.

I'm so happy I could bang on a garbage can.


  1. At least the baseball fans have the decency to hate the Astros over the obvious cheating. Back when the New England Patriots cheated the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2005 Super Bowl doing something very similar, nothing much came of it. In short the Patriots stole the Eagles defensive signals. Tommy Boy knew what blitz packages were coming so he could call the perfect play to counter them. Later when it blew up and Belichick had to pay the $500,000 fine for what was called Spygate, the NFL declined to show the public the evidence. Goodell simply had the tapes destroyed. There was still the usual hatred of the Patriots but nothing like what the Astros have been through. Tommy Boy and Belichick are still talked about as the greatest who ever did it. These two took a dump on the integrity of the game and it didn't affect their long-term image at all. That's why Eagles fans felt an extra wave of joy and revenge when Nick Foles and company knocked off Tommy and the Patriots in a later Super Bowl. Okay, but why are Belichck and Brady still idolized? Just like the Astros they won at least one championship ring by cheating and got away with it. I don't see the Astros getting that same kiss-ass treatment.

    1. It comes down to the difference between baseball and football fans, I reckon. Same thing with all of the angst among baseball fans about PED users and the stats they put up, and hall of fame consideration. It's not even an issue in football.


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