Lavonne's for Mingus

Back in the first run of this blog. my favorite Portland City Hall figure was the city auditor, Lavonne Griffin-Valade. She came into that position and really did something with it. She told it like it was, even when Mayor Creepy and Admiral Randy really didn't want to hear it. I urged people to write her in for mayor in 2012 over Char-Lie Hales. I was disappointed when she left city government. She went off and got a master's degree in creative writing.

I still wish she'd come back to lead the city. She'd be a much better mayor than any we've seen since Bud Clark.

Anyway, an alert reader and fellow Lavonne fan points out that Griffin-Valade has endorsed Mingus Mapps for the City Council seat currently occupied by Chloe Eudaly. For me, that seals the deal. Interestingly, Griffin-Valade endorsed Eudaly four years ago, but I guess she, like so many of us, was underwhelmed by where that led.


  1. No shame in changing course when the last one you laid in seems to have you headed for the rocks.


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