It's still out there

The numbers from Salem on the Covid situation here in Oregon have not been good for the last month. We are clearly moving in the wrong direction as a state, and the Portland metro area is no exception.

Today the Oregon Health Authority reported 101 new cases in Multnomah County. That is the fifth-highest daily total ever.

In Clackamas County, the 10-day-average new case figure stands at 23.1. That's a record high.

Statewide hospitalization and intensive care patient figures continue to trend upward. Although we haven't gotten back to the midsummer peak yet, it looks as though we will soon be there.

And the sun's still out. Wait 'til it starts raining for weeks on end.

The message is pretty clear: This is no time to get sloppy. Keep doing the right thing, because your life, and other people's, may depend upon it.

Here are my latest charts: