It could be a Hail Mary

Donnie is such a b.s. artist. Most of what he tells you is fake. And so the announcement that he's Covid-positive, naturally, is being viewed with some skepticism. The fact that he has some doctor saying he's infected means nothing, because from Day 1 of his presidential candidacy his doctors have obviously been misleading and even lying.

Would he fake having Covid?

He might. He could make a quick recovery, or never come down with symptoms, which would prove that it's all just a little flu, or even a hoax. In the meantime, there's nothing else on the news for two weeks, and all the bad stories that have come out in the last 10 days fade away. No more debates to lose. Taxes? Who cares. White supremacy? How boring. Plus, you know he has some sort of vaccine surprise coming, so he could throw that in, too.

Would faking Covid gain him many votes? Maybe. And if he knows he's certain to lose without a big play, anything is worth a try. This could be the old Doug Flutie heave-ho into the end zone with time running out.

Meanwhile, he and his pals probably shorted the stock market for this morning's opening, which netted them millions. It would fit Donnie's m.o. perfectly.

So I guess we'd better hold off on the obituaries. This could be real, but it may be just another pack of lies.


  1. It could be a Hail Mary? This is no time to get wobbly, Jack. Just announce it's a clever plot by Putin and get it over with. Sure, Trump gets the sympathy vote, wins the election and his handlers in Moscow keep their prized agent. Just state it like it was a fact and keep repeating it every day until November. When you have a religion you get to declare what is true and what isn't. There is no maybe. Meanwhile 3 or 4 years after the divine miracle of the Russian collusion plot, when it finally comes apart, you just don't mention it again. And you sure as hell don't apologize for increasing tensions between nuclear powers. No, it's your call to make. You gambled with nuclear war here for a political stunt. Shame on you.
    And how interesting: Not a mention in the debate or during the convention. You'd think something as significant as Trump being a Russian secret agent would have gotten some play. Especially since we spend 3 years of our lives on it - 3 of the last years before the pandemic when we could have been going to concerts and partying instead of waiting for Mueller to make his big reveal. And now recently declassified documents state that our intelligence people felt Russia actually wanted Hillary to win but Brennan changed the assessment so they'd have a rock upon which to build their church. Religion ain't what it used to be.

    1. Man, drink some wine, smoke some weed, whatever it is that soothes your soul...put on or play some of your favorite music and just unplug from all of this for a while. It's not worth it.

    2. I realize we're at the part where everyone is just supposed to forget about it, but what do 3 years of your life mean to you? And it's really aggravating to hear how this is the party of science. Sure, you investigate a computer crime without looking at the servers. That's like investigating the JFK assassination without going to Dallas. But no, Mueller just takes the word of an outfit called Crowdstrike as to who hacked the DNC. Then later Crowdstrike admits they never had any real proof it was the Russians. Meanwhile computer experts like Bill Binney - the former head tech guy for the NSA - says he can prove the hack wasn't over the internet. It involved a device on site. Every major star computer geek in the world agrees with him, and yet the Russian hoax took wing and flew. This isn't some passing non-scandal. They didn't look because their case wouldn't have held up. Our intelligence community along with Comey, etc...were running an operation. against the President of the United States and his children. No matter how you feel about Trump, you ought to be troubled when a group of Washington officials decide they get to make that call. It's their right because they know better so they get to end a presidency. And a bunch of intellectuals on the left swallowed it like it was the nectar of the Gods. Where's the apology? Look, this was a reckless act that could have conceivably led to a nuclear conflict. All the wine and weed in the world wouldn't make that go away.


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