I already peaked

Another piece of election porn trickled in yesterday.

It's from the people who want to legalize the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms as a prescription drug. You can see the pitch – it will help the terminally ill and the suicidal.

I voted no on this because it smells like the pharmaceutical companies are into it, and right now we don't need any more of their nonsense. I'm also worried that there are going to be patients who don't do well on their hallucinogenic trips and become dangerous to themselves and others. Finally, you know there's going to be a robust black market for these pills, and people who aren't supposed to be taking them are going to be taking them. Look at what happened with oxycontin and the rest of the opioids. The fact that it's prescription-only means nothing any more. They'll probably give it a brand name and be hawking it on TV. "Ask your doctor about Tripstra."

This is not as bad as the hard-drug decriminalization measure, 110, but we voted no on both. And that was a few days ago. This mailer got here too late to affect anything.


  1. Having had three relatives go through hospice, I don't think this drug is needed.


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