How many more

The news from Portland is not good this morning. Yesterday police in the nearby town of Hazel Dell, Washington killed a man. The mainstream media don't have much about it at the moment, but the internet says it was this man, identified as Kevin Peterson, Jr., age 21, of the Portland suburb of Vancouver. He was reportedly shot and killed by Clark County sheriff's deputies in the U.S. Bank parking lot on Highway 99.

The police aren't saying a whole lot. Whatever they do say will be greeted with much suspicion and derision. A group of protesters from Portland drove over there last night to give the police a piece of their mind. God help our broken country.

UPDATE, later that morning: Newsweek has some details here – still nothing from the police. The man's body was reportedly left on the pavement all night.


  1. 6:45 a.m. No details over 12 hours after the shooting? This can't be happening again.


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