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  1. For awhile there I was a session player at the long-gone Trax Studios on Burnside and the owner loved the Phil Spector Wall of Sound approach. We'd have 5 electric guitar players playing the exact same part and then do it maybe 4 times so instead of a rhythm guitar track you had 20 guitars at once. The effect was trippy to say the least and those sessions were a lot of fun because you had to be disciplined. There was great teamwork. "Be My Baby" has the Wall of Sound. For example there are 7 backup singers and other than Ronnie the real Ronettes aren't on the record. The recording also has two bass players which is unheard of: Carol Kaye and some other session player. There's at least 17 musicians on this thing. As far as Phil Spector goes, reports that he was a crazy bastard flooded the industry and he is currently in prison for murder. Even in my stroll along the outskirts of show business, I knew a couple who once partied with him at his mansion. They ended up at the piano singing and at some point Phil pulled a gun on my friend. Believe me the story is legit. I could give you more information but the guy was paranoid at being dragged into the trial in some kind of "pattern of behavior" role so I told him I would never mention his name in connection with this story. Suffice it to say that Phil Spector is a crazy bastard. One hell of a record producer, but a crazy bastard.


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