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  1. Does anybody have more natural cool in their voice than this young man who's somehow now 50 years old? His song "Girl" is another great example of it. Meanwhile in "Colors" it is so creative the way he brings the drums in from someplace else by changing their EQ in the intro. Brilliant. My wife asked me what genre he's in. "Colors" could be electronica I guess but he's just Beck - he combines lots of genres.

    1. His catalog has so may different things to offer. And the songs are hypnotic. There a few I've listened to maybe 100 times, and yet I couldn't sing you back half the lyrics. You just get sucked in to the sound.

      This video (which is a bit over two years old) was directed by Edgar Wright and features my new girlfriend, yeah that's the ticket, Alison Brie. Ryan Heffington was the choreographer.

    2. The line I always remember is from "I'm a Loser" when he says " fallin' on a termite
      That's chokin' on the splinters."


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