Don't put it off any longer

Stenchy, the Portland food slop composting rat, reminds you to get your ballot in now, before it's too late.


  1. Speaking of the elections, I've been on this kick where everything in 2020 seems so surreal that it's like a weird movie. There have been way too many bizarre twists for the damn thing to be unscripted. First, there's the shock of seeing Portland getting mentioned so much during the debates, etc...Then there's the 2 small Middle America towns involved in two of the last riot or police brutality incidents. First, there was Kenosha, Wisconsin where my wife went to high school. Then there was the police shooting in Waukegan, Illinois where she was born. Next up I've got a fun one from my sister who is a Biden volunteer in the Washington, D.C. area. Does anyone remember the great TV show "West Wing"? I went to a political rally years ago at the Union Hall at 11th and S.E. Madison here in Portland and there were 3 cast members from West Wing: Marin Sheen who was the Prez, Allison Janney who played the press secretary, and Dule Hill the young African American who played Charlie. Rob Reiner also spoke and said, "You know what diversity is on a Republican ticket? It's when the two candidates are from different oil companies." That's a strong line, folks. I shook hands with Martin Sheen and Rob Reiner and that was a thrill. At times during the rally it looked and sounded just like a West Wing episode.
    Anyway, my sister is a natural leader-type. She once transferred from a school in Rome to Emma Willard, and after she had only been there one school year they elected her senior class president. I don't know how high up she is in the Biden volunteers but she had a zoom meeting with some of the others a couple of days ago and one of him was Josh from West Wing - Bradley Whitford. He had one of the biggest roles on that show. She sent me a screen shot of him at his computer and though he looks older and a little scruffier, it is definitely him. So here we go again: My sister is working on a presidential campaign and she's in the Washington, D.C. area and she's communicating with Josh from West Wing. It looks like we have another incident for the 2020 Surreal File.


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