Cutting through some White House lies

Given how many people Orange Caligula has already killed this year, it's not all that important to me to know when he first found out he had Covid. But that fact would indicate how many more people he knowingly exposed this week. Eventually, one or more of them may die.

Right now the big cat-and-mouse game is about how sick he really is. But eventually, maybe after his funeral and/or the funerals of people who have been around him, the question of when he found out will be all alone at center stage. 

For that moment, here's an interesting compilation of what is known so far. Let's preserve it for later.


  1. Leaving Walter Reed has been uniformly panned as one of the dumbest decisions of the Trump presidency. I find myself thinking, "He can't be this dumb. Everything he's trying to illustrate to the voters comes off the opposite. This is not a strong fighter who gets it about the virus. If anything he seems more out of touch than ever. Could there be something else?"
    In short, he's dumb but he's not this dumb.
    How's this for some spy novel speculation? I read Trump is declassifying all the Russiagate documents including handwritten notes by James Brennan that suggest Hillary was behind the idea. Trump wants no redactions made and the Deep State is furious. If there was ever a time when Brennan, Clapper and Comey would like this resolved, it's right now. And I mean resolved in the sense that the JFK administration was resolved. Incidentally, the handwritten notes were part of Brennan's presentation to President Obama. This goes right to the top.
    Could it be that Trump fled Walter Reed because he doesn't feel safe there? Could he be thinking, "I've got to get back to the White House before something bad happens"? Like I said, it's spy thriller stuff but it offers a better explanation of events than the mystery we have now. Let's face it: They've been out to end his presidency from the moment he swore in. If the possibility of more treachery hasn't crossed Trump's mind, he hasn't been paying attention.


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