Bitchtucci explains it all for you

It's lonely out here in the Portland blogosphere. Not many people are doing this kind of thing any more. But I just discovered a Portlander who's dedicated enough to write a long piece with an explanation of her picks in each and every race in the upcoming election. Apparently she does this for every election. Her name is Marissa Yang Bertucci, and her take, as "Bitchtucci," is here.

Included in her post are links to some other folks' voter guides as well. But even if you've already voted, Bitchtucci has some things to tell you.

You don’t need me to tell you this, but here’s what I gnaw on when there’s nothing else to eat. If you are able to stay engaged with being honest and kind to those in your community, with being in solidarity with one another in ways that express real, felt love, with being flexible enough to apologize when you get things wrong, with noticing shimmering ordinary beauty when it crosses your path, with safeguarding your finite energy if you are a person whose identities mean you are routinely targeted for mistreatment in the world, with extending your capacity beyond what you thought possible if you are a person whose identities have protected you from struggle, this is what matters most.


  1. Yep. No surprises there. and to think Measure Measure 26–218 (Metro's transportation measure) will solve systemic racism.


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