At 3 o'clock

Today at 3:00 in the afternoon Pacific time, some of us are going to take five minutes, turn everything off, and try to direct our minds and hearts to something we can't see, but we know is there. We are asking for help so that our country can get through the difficult times immediately ahead without further violence.

There's more explanation of what this is about here.

Everyone is invited.


  1. Was it good for you? I felt a lot of things but the main emotion that surprised me was the release. As soon as I shifted into asking for help I immediately shed a few tears. I think we've bottled up a lot of pain this year and to ask for help was definitely liberating. We tell ourselves "I got this. No really, I got this." Well guess what? We don't have it. We need help from whatever it is that's out there. Jack, thanks for running with this today. That was cool. I hope you got a lot out of it, as well. I say we think about doing this every Friday. Call it the Plea at 3.

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