Asking for trouble

I shouldn't have blogged about the weather. 

Mark Twain warned me in one of his books. In a foreword, he alerts the reader that there is no weather discussed in the book; all the weather information is included in an appendix. I think he was pointing out how pointless it is to write about meteorology in fiction, but the same probably holds true of a blog.

I wrote here the other day that it was getting windy and cold. Just hours later, our furnace gave out. Obviously, I jinxed it.

Fortunately, we have the best climate control guy in town, and he took a couple of hours out of his Sunday to stop by and get us back to normal. Lucky us, he even had the part we needed with him in his truck. But before he got here, the areas of the house not covered by our dusty, wimpy electric space heaters got down into the 50's. That definitely put an edge on things.

It also got me contemplating how good we have it. Can you imagine living without heat? My mental health would be shot in a just a few days of that. I think of all the people living in tents around here. At this point in the year, they're looking at not being warm again for seven months or more. That has to take an awful toll.

So as bad as these times may seem, if you've got a roof over your head and a working furnace, remember, you're doing okay. Go out and enjoy the weather, because you can always come home and retreat from it.

But take it from me, don't write about it.


  1. The fact that we're contemplating spending 3 billion on a transportation bill while all these people are homeless shows just how twisted modern society has become. Of course it won't stop a lot of people from telling you about how Christian they are and how America is a Christian nation. When does all that kick in?

  2. Roof, check...working furnace, check...thermostat to control said furnace, ehh - hasn't worked since March. We rent. I thought working heat was one of those very few things we're supposed to have support for as renters? Well, Landlord took his third vacation this year for a week, so at least we know *he's* ok.


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