With nothing save the breeze

Last night's neighborhood walk reminded me how easy it is for money to erase character. There has always been a fine, tall tree on the southeast corner of 15th and Fremont. Here's the Google street view.

It's a busy intersection nowadays, but the tree has served steadily as a nice reminder of quieter times. Less density, both physically and mentally.

Well, the owners sold that lot recently, and it was just a matter of time, I guess, before we got what it looks like now.

I shudder to think what will be built there. But for now, I'm just missing that grand old tree. And the Portland that so many of us moved here for.


  1. Well that corner had been pretty ragged for awhile but yeah that whole neighborhood has lost any of the old charm that it used to have. I remember when all of those cool brick storefronts on Fremont between 15th and the Park were all black owned businesses and the baseball diamonds at the park were full of little leaguers. They had everything from t-ball through to Babe Ruth games there.

    Now it is populated with self-involved gentrified clone types. Progress moves on!


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