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  1. That photo reminded me of my strategy to run against Trump. First some background: My candidate was Tulsi Gabbard based on her opposition to our military adventures around the world. She opposes all these unnecessary wars, and all the regime change stuff that could still be the main threat to the solvency of the United States. I wrote her before she had even announced her candidacy and urged her to run and to hire me to write the one-liners. Naturally the Democratic establishment and the rest of the powers-that-be jumped on her like she had committed a crime. Wait, she was suggesting we become peaceful and not continue shoveling trillions to the military industrial complex? How dare her! Before it was over, Hillary had called her a Russian asset and the Dems didn't even invite her to their convention. Meanwhile Tulsi had done tours of duty in Iraq and they treated her like she was a traitor. Disgraceful.
    The same day that I sent her my email I sat down and wrote an approach to handle Trump the way a professional comedy writer would. For me, that would mean focus on the haircut. People, you can call it taking the low road or whatever, but don't try and tell me it wouldn't work. Ask Bill Clinton if the dick jokes worked. Plus it's fair game: The haircut is ridiculous and that makes it in play. I felt Tulsi should include a few one-liners about the haircut in every press conference and debate etc...until the American voter could not think of Trump without expecting a haircut joke. It would have been so easy. All you need is one reoccurring comedic riff to hammer your message home: "Not only does Trump have the worst comb over in history but it turns out the whole thing is actually just one really long hair...." "If elected President I will represent all factions of the American People. In fact, I've already pledged that the moment I take office I will pardon Trump's hair stylist."
    I mean look at this picture. It would have been so easy.

  2. I loved Trump Airlines. In my early 20s, I'd fly from Boston to Islip to work on Long Island. If you were 25 or under, you could buy a 10-pack of tickets to fly outside rush-hour times. It cost $250.00. That's $50 round trip. Full freight for under 25 was $50/leg. Full freight "old" people was $100/leg. They'd also throw in a couple of drinks on each leg, which might take 40 minutes. I remember having a couple of Sam Adams bottles on afternoon/evening flights. If a plane was full and there was even ONE person on standby, they'd fly another plane at that time. I still don't know how this overly successful business plan went out of business.


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