One more straw for the camel

Are you like me? Is your head spinning?

On top of everything else we were dealing with last week, now we have an ugly Supreme Court nomination war brewing. And here it is starting up just six weeks before one of the scariest presidential elections in the country's history. During a once-a-century pandemic, which has caused a massive economic downturn.

Not to mention that we're already on our second set of hurricane names, having gone through the alphabet once already. Or that fires keep burning up and down the West Coast, ravaging huge chunks of it. The new normal, probably.

The other night we sat around the dinner table and calmly agreed that yes, American society is collapsing. Observations like that have always been a bit of an exaggeration, but not any more. And usually, I can come up with some sort of "Look on the bright side" comment, but I didn't have one to offer this time around. 

When 9/11 happened, I remember worrying with one of my co-workers about what kind of world we were leaving to our kids. I wish I could say the outlook has brightened since then, but it seems to have only gotten worse.

A lot of really, really bad shinola could be coming our way in the next six months. Thinking about all that heartache is too much to bear. I've never been too good with "One day at a time," but maybe limiting the focus to one disaster a day might be the only way to survive this.


  1. I'm primarily a songwriter and this past January I wrote the following lyrics. The only thing I've updated is "years" to "months" but tell me I didn't nail 2020? The song is called "How Weird Is This Going to Get?"
    The future glides along like an approaching plane. It could be bringing hope, it could be bringing pain. I've got no time for the past right now or all the things that I regret. I'm just sitting here wondering, "How weird is this going to get?"
    My doctor passed away, he was a good friend. We talked of many things, not just of medicine. He saved my life one time and that's not something that you ever forget. But now my doctor is gone. How weird is this going to get?
    It seems like every month there's a new catastrophe, or is that just me? Will we still be in our homes or camped out under a tree? One day you're strutting around in your gilded empire. The next day you're out in the cold, just trying to build a campfire.
    I'm not afraid of death, but I'm afraid of pain. I've suffered quite enough to drive some men insane. But my mind still works so my fate has not been set. I'm just sitting here wondering, "How weird is this going to get?" It might all turn out fine, but I wouldn't take that bet, How weird is this going to get?


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