Naomi over Vika

 They both played great all week. Very nicely done.


  1. The article mentions Billie Jean King's line that "Champions adjust." I must not be a champion because I'm having trouble adjusting to this damn smoke outside. Let me take a sec to whine: There's rain in the forecast for Monday with the winds from the west off the ocean. So our air quality should get better, right? Wrong! This all started when the dreaded bone-dry easterly winds blew smoke from the fires over us. But it also blew a bunch of smoke out over the Pacific. Well, now that the wind has turned around that smoke is going to come back again. It's like a bad movie sequel: "The Return of the Worst Air on Planet Earth."
    Whoops. Sorry. Please forgive me, but I got carried away. At this time I'd like to extend a warm congratulations to Naomi. Well done. Great match.


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